GI did a wonderful job for me. My resume was good now it is great as I start my job hunt. David did a terrific job of formatting and using precise and strong statements. He was also great with taking time and working with my reediting. The free evaluation of my resume was right on and gave me the confidence GI would do a great job and they did.

Rob G.

Rarely do you find a professional services organization that take the time and give the attention necessary to make a difficult process go smoothly. Alesia and her crew not only handled the immediate work, but also took the time to follow up to see if there was anything else they could do to help. In this day and age, just paying the invoice isn't enough to warrant loyalty. I highly recommend their services and could personally guarantee your satisfaction on both product and service.

Morrell D.

True professionals….fantastic team… great job for clients to help them advance there careers.

Jack W.

GetInterviews has worked with my company for the past ten years and has been wonderful with my job seekers helping them put resumes together that definitely get looked at! I highly recommend if you need a dependable company to work with.

Carolynn M., President at RealEstateBestJobs.com

I have had the sincere pleasure of working with GetInterviews over the past year. My CV was antiquated and in disrepair when I first found GI. With the able assistance of David, my CV is now in great shape. Potential clients and hiring employers both have raved about it. David has been great to work with and I cannot thank him enough!

Bill D.

I had to write to let you know that your resume WORKED!!!

I have just been hired as VICE PRESIDENT of Marketing at Tropical Financial Credit Union in Southern Florida for SIX FIGURES - DOUBLE my current salary!!! I start Sept. 6th! ANYTIME you need a reference of what you're capable of - you send them my way. ONE resume out = ONE JOB OFFER for six figures!!!

I know it wasn't purely the resume, I know that I wowed them at BOTH my (7-hour) interviews....but I NEVER would have gotten the first interview without a KICK-ASS resume, and you gave that to me! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! Keep up the GREAT work - YOU are putting people back to work! MANY BLESSINGS!!!

Amy M.

I would like to start off by saying "WOW." This is an excellent resume and cover letter! It is presented very well and the content is very professional! I could not have created a better resume or cover letter on my own quite like this. I no longer wonder why I have not seen any results with my current resume and cover letter, and quite frankly I feel ashamed even bothering sending them out!

Daniel Y.

"To Whom It May Concern;

I recently contacted Get Interviews in regards to updating & editing my resume to become a WINNING CV. My experience with Get Interviews has been nothing but amazing!!

I will be honest, I was not expecting such a quick response, however Jodie responded almost immediately providing me with conviction & trust in the fact that I had chosen Get Interviews to assist me with my CV.

I was put in touch with Erika who is one of your Senior Writing Managers. Working with Erika was an absolute pleasure. She was always quick to respond, professional & friendly. Nothing was a problem for her & Erika's resume writing skills are definitely of the WINNING kind!

Thanks to Erika & Get Interviews I have received 3 interviews so far - still no job but that bit is up to me. Without Erika's commitment, attitude, professionalism & incredible resume writing skills I doubt that the applications would have been as successful.

I have already recommended Get Interviews to friends & family (as well as recruiting agencies here in Australia). The best money I have spent in a long time!

Please pass on my gratitude to Erika - I only hope that she is recognized for the job that she does as she is truly one of a kind & I can't thank her enough for all that she has done for me. Thank you Get Interviews - you have done an outstanding job.

Kind Regards"

Natasha T.

I got the JOB!!! I am a Director of Sales for Hard Rock in XXX. The resume is just what I needed to get this high profile position. Please let your team or supervisor know how this resume helped me land a position that I would have been passed over for with my other resume. This job was my dream job and I credit the resume for getting me noticed as a credible candidate. Thanks so much

Bonnie E.

Since I had great results, I've shared your work with a number of my colleagues. You will be hearing from them!

Jeff S.

I am duly impressed with the final product. After reading it, I would offer myself the job! Well done. Thank you for your efforts and prompt responses and meticulous work. I will enthusiastically recommend your service. And thanks to Liz for convincing me to engage your services over your competitors.

Michael F.

I'm not sure if Erica mentioned to you my absolute satisfaction in the service you both provided on my resume. I am truly convinced a great deal of the success I am having is due to your critique and Erica's total transformation of my dull and boring resume. I never wanted to admit I needed help (like a man who won't stop for directions) but I am very pleased with the fact that since GI transformed my resume, I have gotten 6 calls, 3 phone interviews, once face to face and two set up for next week with other companies.

I just wanted to share my experience with you. It was a hard pill to swallow hearing how boring and bland my resume was and then paying someone to redo the whole thing; however, it was worth the money as I am going to get my money back on the investment. Thank you once again for your professionalism and service provided.

Michael K.

I think this version of my resume and cover letter is perfect, and I appreciate the fine job you and your team did for me. I’m pleased and excited to begin using them right away.

Suzanne R.


I understand you are considering hiring GetInterviews for resume work. I hired GI to write my resume and help me with an Executive Profile and I would recommend them very highly. The process used really helps you hone your presentation. And the resume and Executive Profile have increased my focus, confidence and opportunities. In the 6 weeks since GI rewrote my resume and helped me craft my Executive Profile the results have been amazing!

In fact just last night I was commenting that the number of opportunities have just exploded and with so many before me my challenge now is to sit down and sort through all of them!

I have been using the resume and Executive Profile to submit to some online jobs as well as to send to headhunters. More so I have been using the EP to send out for networking for "meet and greet" meetings with top executives. The results frankly are staggering.

  • I now have a top headhunter in the US and another in the UK representing me for Exec/C level opportunities and putting me in front of VC's.
  • Between networking and their contacts just last week alone I had 8 meetings with C level executives and two VC's.
  • Next week another four are scheduled as well as some follow ups and this is in addition to the first few weeks which were similar in terms of quantity and quality.
  • So far one US based VC has agreed to work with us on product development.
  • Another UK investor has selected to work with me to identify a company we might buy.
  • I have been submitted for CEO, CRO, Head of Global Sales and have another Italian multi national firm "creating" a global role for us to discuss.
  • I have been recruited to work on a major research study in the UK.
  • Been recruited for speaking engagements in the UK and Ireland.

You can see that if the point of investing in GI's services is to open doors and find opportunities my experience working with them has been a overwhelming success. I can't recommend them enthusiastically enough!

Jim M.

I want to say how impressed I am with your work. I knew I was going to receive a resume of high quality but I must say that you have made the process effortless; with the end result exceeding my expectations! I have no doubt this resume will open some doors. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am greatly appreciative.

Jennifer P., Senior VP

Remember when I said "Who IS this person? I'd hire him in a heartbeat!" after reviewing the resume you created for me? Well, guess who did? XXXXXXX, and I only had to send out one resume. Unbelievable, you are the best. Thanks so much.

Stephen K., Marketing VP

I am an executive recruiter. Let me just say this: my client company was incredibly impressed with the resume your firm prepared, and your client starts his new position in 2 weeks. I have seen thousands of resumes throughout my career and have never felt compelled to thank a resume writing firm before. I look forward to recommending you, and in developing an ongoing relationship with your firm.

Kimberly P., Engineering Headhunter

When you said you developed AGGRESSIVE resumes, you weren't kidding! Sent out 13 resumes, received 11 interviews and 10 offers. Amazing!

F. "Willy" P., Sales and Marketing Director

Alesia Benedict is truly a leader in our field and an inspiration to other resume writers. Recognized as one of the Top 10 Industry Leaders, we have been fortunate to have her as a Featured Speaker at our National Conferences. She has done much to improve the professionalism of fellow resume writers.

Frank F. / Executive Director, Professional Association of Resume Writers

"I took a position with (name of financial institution). The resume opened the door at Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Bank of New York, PNC Bank. MetLife, Fisher Investments. And New England Financial Group. Everyone except Merrill made me an offer. Never thought I would get so many interviews as well as so many offers. Thanks for your help."

Chris D., Finance Executive

"It is hard to find services like GetInterviews provides, with people that put their heart into it and creative minds. They did both with 110% effort."

Jeff T.

"I KNOW I made you crazy until I decided to retain your firm with a million questions, but I had never purchased a resume service before and I was really leery. Thank goodness I trusted you! I landed the job and am heading up XXXXXX's European division. I'll send you a post card from Zurich."

Kenneth S., Business Development Executive / International client

"I just wanted to follow up and let you know that with your resume I got an interview in mid-October (two weeks after I took your resume and started using it as part of my search efforts) and my offer at the end of November. I am moving into a top executive role I wanted! I went through 5 rounds of interviews and at each round the folks talking with me all commented on how well laid out my resume was."

James V., Technology Executive

Let me first begin by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is an incredible/powerful resume, you did an oustanding job at capturing my capabilities and experience. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how pleased I am with your work! I will definitely spread the word about you company’s abilities to all of my transitioning military friends, so you will probably be seeing more business coming from some soon to be retirees in the Air Force.

Thanks again for all of your work in this outstanding product!

Tim R.

"Needless to say, I was blown away! This was probably the best investment I have made in the last year. I have been showing off my resume to all of my friends (often letting them see my old copy and then showing them the newly written version) and all of them have requested the Get Interviews information sent to them. Let me just be clear there, ALL of them." Thanks again!

Daniel S., C-Level Executive

Since this is your chosen profession, I'm sure you know that this is a very trying time for those of us in the job hunting market. It's very stressful & sometimes it's downright painful. Working with you & Adrien has been far less painful than I thought it might me. I guess that means that I made the right choice when I chose your company to re-write me resume. I had a million choices too.

I have enjoyed working with you. Please tell Adrien that I have enjoyed working with him as well. He always kept this fun, while maintaining a good business sense. I believe that you made a good choice matching him up with me. We have a similar sense of work & sense of humor & that helped to make this a successful project for me. Thank you,

Bruce M.

I put the resume you made for me up on Monster.com and interviews started raining from the sky and in fact they still are. I got recruited by Enterprise and have accepted a position there. I just wanted to say thank you for the work you did. It worked fantastically. I had a few friends impressed with the resume and I was wondering if you'd be okay with me referring a few of them to your service? Thanks again,

Steve B.

"GetInterviews is great. The staff helped me out a few years back and I can not say enough about their efforts. It was a great investment."

Timothy L.

Thanks. Don't let this go to your head, but I answered a posting using this resume and got a call from the recruiter about 15 minutes later. He is presenting me to the client tomorrow.

Mike A.

Looks great! After reading it, I thought to myself "well yeah, I know that!" Only I would never have been able to put it together in such a way. It appears to be loaded with searchable key words and sells me well without overstating my abilities. Can't see that I'd want to change anything, much less know what to change!

Kirk H.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I've been busy talking to people, setting up appointments and handing them my new resume!!!! Thank you so much. You've brought clarity to me and to those who are seeing my resume. The ROI on the process of working with you is incredible! It gave me confidence and strength, which in turn have enhanced and encouraged my networking.

Karen K., Executive Vice President

No words can describe this resume, only emotions. If I can sum it up in one word: bulletproof. You have definitely outdone yourself. Comparing my old resume to the new one is like comparing a high school graduate to a well-established professional. Can’t thank you enough!!! This is an investment and a gateway to the future.

Artie U.

I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the final resume Patricia wrote for me. I didn't know if I'd be getting a survey of any sorts, but I just wanted to say how much more professional my resume is. I honestly tried myself, but how Patricia took what I had and turned it around to the final copy is amazing. I am really impressed. I've sent out my resume to several places already and am waiting to hear back.

I've had several people try to help me, as well, with re-writng my resume, both human resource people. Both had advice, but neither one came up with this updated style, taking minimal qualifications and being able to turn them into assets, the way she did. Thank you

Sincerely, Ann W.