Resume Writing Services

There is so much information on resumes, that if you read 30 different sources, you'll probably discover 30 different opinions. It's frustrating and aggravating to most job searchers. Still, if you want to compete in the job market, one thing is for certain: you need a dynamite resume.

Hiring sources today will not even speak with you without having a resume for them to review. Even if you are the BEST candidate for the position, hiring authorities will not bring you in for the interview if your resume does not grab their attention.

Should You Write Your Own Resume?

In short, the answer is "no." Why?

  • For one thing, you are not familiar with the current buzz words, trends, preferences & technology used by hiring managers.
  • It is hard to maintain objectivity about yourself; you may have slaved on a project and think it is a very important point, yet, in reality, it doesn't even belong on your resume
  • You may select a format for all the wrong reasons (you like the way it looks, your brother-in-law used it, or you saw it in a "how-to" book)
  • You have only one chance to capture the reader's attention - and you don't get a second chance to make a first impression

Our Commitment to Your Success

At, we guarantee interviews in 30 days or we'll re-write for free. Think about that for a moment: if we weren't completely confident that you will get interviews in 30 days using our resumes and cover letters, we would never offer that guarantee! Who wants to be re-writing resumes? No one: and we don't have to because our resumes WORK.



A cover letter should always accompany the resume and is also used when contacting recruiters or search firms. Remember that EVERY document you send to an organization should SELL your skills to the reader.


You should send a professionally prepared thank you letter to each person who interviews you. Much more than just a way of saying "thank you," the letter also serves as an opportunity to "RE-SELL yourself" to the organization and keeps your name active in the employer's mind. You can discuss various points of the interview, highlight special skills or overcome a shortcoming if you use this opportunity wisely.


Remember the old adage "The squeaky wheel gets the oil?" The follow-up letter is the best "squeak" you'll ever produce!


(Note: all names, contact names, company names, etc., have been fictionalized to protect clients identities)