Business Ownership Transition

The basic truth is job search for Executives over 50 is extremely different/difficult at this stage then it was 10 years ago. The interviews, resume responses and quality of the opportunities are much less then before and they last much less than previously years on average 2-3 years.

The expectations of employers now are extremely high so there is no work life balance only work with no flexibility. Oh did I mention COVID and how that is and will be effecting job search & corporate life?

So you have 3 choices

  1. Keep plugging away and "hope" you get something in a 12 month period
  2. Be under employed and take a much lesser role for less money
  3. Make the transition to business ownership

If you are open to transition your vast skills & experience to business ownership ...We can help!

Specifically, we have found that Executives excel in acquiring their own Franchise Consulting business. This transition gives you a much greater work life balance and you can run your business from home…so no commute and say good bye to getting on a plane regularly.

What does a FranServe Franchise Consultant do?

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What is the Investment:

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Becoming a Franchise Consultant could be for you!

If you've ever thought of being your own boss, becoming a FranServe Franchise Consultant may be for you. FranServe Franchise Consultants build a flexible, lucrative home-based business by helping their clients explore and own franchise businesses.

Reasons to be a FranServe Franchise Consultant:

  • Home based business model
  • High demand, high growth, recession-resistant industry
  • No selling, no cold calling
  • Multiple income streams and high net margins
  • No prior franchise experience necessary
  • Comprehensive training, full mentor and peer-to-peer support
  • Largest franchise consulting and expansion company in the industry
  • Realistic 6 figure income potential
  • Low investment fee, Fast ROI (Financing available)

Franchise companies pay significant referral fees to FranServe Consultants (avg referral fee $26K) when they help qualify and coach candidates through the process of owing a franchise.