How to Network with LinkedIn this Fall

The summer is over and it’s time to get your job search efforts back into full swing. If you’ve been following the GetInterviews blog throughout the years, you’ll know that we are strong advocates for networking – especially as it pertains to the job search. 
While it’s very important to have an effective resume and cover letter, having an influential contact in the hiring process can do wonders in getting your foot through the door. With that being said, job seekers should make an effort to add LinkedIn to their job search plans this fall. The tips below will help you get going!
LinkedIn Alumni
LinkedIn is a fantastic social tool for connecting with those in your industry, but its search function also gives you plenty of options to connect with alumni. To get your networking efforts started, begin growing your network with those you might remember from college. This can be done using the LinkedIn Alumni tool.

In addition to utilizing the tool, make sure you search alumni groups using LinkedIn Groups. There's often great discussion in these groups and alumni will use such groups to share job openings at their current places of employment. Take advantage of this feature - Join an alumni group and participate in the discussion.
That brings us to the next point.
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn has invested a lot of time to bringing value to its groups, and when used correctly, groups are arguably the most powerful component to networking on LinkedIn.
Not only should job seekers join alumni groups on LinkedIn, they should also join industry-related groups. This will allow for connecting with influential thought leaders who can advise you on how to grow in the field, and eventually advance your career.
The added benefit of networking in these groups is being fully immersed in industry discussion. Learn from those in the industry and provide your own thoughts as well. Stay active in the group and when a position opens up, make sure to pounce on it!
LinkedIn Advanced Search
Did you know that hiring managers, headhunters and recruiters often use LinkedIn to screen potential candidates? Make their job a little easier. 
By using LinkedIn’s Advanced Search capabilities, you can find recruiters in your field and location. The best part is recruiters on LinkedIn are very open to connecting with potential candidates. Once you’ve located a relevant recruiter, make sure to send him/her a short intro message about what you’re looking to do and to see if anything else is required to be considered for potential opportunities. Keep the process growing your network with recruiters and you’ll soon be exposed to tons of job openings. Make sure you stay in touch with every recruiter you connect with to maintain top of mind. 
LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking. Make it work to your advantage with the aforementioned tips and tricks, and you’ll be on your way to getting the job interview you want.