Back to School Homework to Spark Your Job Search

It’s time to be proactive! As summer is winding down, it’s time for a little bit of Back to School homework. Follow the tips below to get your job search started on the right foot!
Update Your Resume
Not getting the interview? It's most likely because your resume wasn't strong enough. Did you know that a recruiter spends an average of six seconds or less reviewing a candidate's resume? Are you 100% certain your resume is crafted for success. If there exists the slightest doubt in your mind, then you may want to get a Free Resume Review.
A Free Resume Review can be just what you need to get the job interview. Our team of expert resume writers are ready to provide expert feedback to help your resume stand out from the pack. Start the job search off on the right foot.
Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
Are you on LinkedIn? Great! LinkedIn has proven to be an active network for recruiters and business professionals. Many job seekers have found employment on LinkedIn and with a little bit of effort, you can too! Check out our favorite LinkedIn tips and use them to optimize your profile. Also, you should be actively joining groups in your industry to begin participating in discussion. This will showcase your authority and see you as an industry thought leader. 
By becoming active on LinkedIn and optimizing your profile, you'll get noticed in no time. 
Don't have the time? Check out our LinkedIn services to how we can help!
Improve Your Skills
Back to School is not just a phrase that applies to kids. Developing a new skill, or even improving upon a current skill, can make you a stronger candidate in the job search. It's never too late to get the training and assistance you need, and the rewards are often beneficial. Get started with these professional development tips and you'll be on your way to strengthening your personal artillery.
Don’t let the job search slip away. With these best practices, you’ll be better prepared for getting the job you want. It all starts with a little bit of effort!