A Guide to Job Hunting: How to Search After Being Away From the Workforce

People often think that it is harder to find a job after being without one for awhile. This could be for several reasons. Some feel that they are out of touch with the job market. Others have difficulty making their resume look desirable when there is a big gap between jobs, and sometimes a break from the workforce can just cause applicants to lose confidence in themselves.

You can turn all this around by knowing how to search for a job and promote your accomplishments. Simply understanding where to look for job openings and marketing yourself in a professional manner can make a world of difference.

Know Where to Look

You may have heard people say that who you know in the business world counts more than what you know. Unfortunately, this is often the case. Start talking to your friends and family to let them know that you are in the market for a job. If word spreads far enough you may end up landing an interview simply because you are acquainted with the right person.

If this does not work, there are still plenty of options to explore. According to About.com, there are all sorts of places that you can look for a new career. You can visit websites such as Monster.com where employers post about their open positions. Since it is free to join, you have nothing to lose. There are also career fairs that may be held in your area. Usually these are announced in the newspaper.

Be Prepared

Preparation is a huge part of finding a job. You must have all of your documentation lined up as well as your answers prepared. Look up some of the common questions that are asked at an interview and rehearse how you will answer. Remember that a potential employer is sure to ask about your time off from the workforce.


Often times, one the things employers are concerned about when you have been out of a job for a significant amount of time is that your education is outdated. Be sure that you are able to provide proof that you have maintained your skills and are qualified for the job. Give them paper documentation and fill out your education, courses and skills section of the applications thoroughly. You will want to make yourself sound knowledgeable. If you can, use a company like Get Interviews to help you create an eye-catching resume. They even guarantee that you will receive an interview within 30 business days if you use the resume.


Another way to put the employers mind at ease about your time away is to get endorsements and letters of recommendation from professionals in the field. These should be from people that you have worked with in the past or know very well.

Remember that Everything is Digital

When you post on your favorite social media websites, it is easy to forget that your prospective employers can see that. Go through your accounts and delete any pictures that may give the employers a wrong impression of you and delete any negative posts or comments. You want to come across as positive and professional.

For further assistance and an increased chance of scoring a new job, use the experts at Get Interviews to craft a professional resume that is designed to catch the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager.