Secrets to Getting a New Job In 2014

Landing a new job in a slow economy can seem difficult and discouraging. These days, an increasing amount of employers are doing more with less. This means that companies are squeezing as much work out of a single employee as possible. With fewer job opportunities available, here are some ways to increase your chances of scoring a new job in early 2014.

Utilize Social Media to Network

It is critical that you use social networking sites to connect with employers and network with others who may be able to assist you in finding a job or making a career change. Recruiters for large and small companies use sites such as Facebook and Twitter to develop relationships with professionals in a variety of fields. If you are able to develop a relationship with a recruiter, it could mean new job opportunities for you in the near future.

Start Your Own Blog

If you want to be successful in promoting yourself as a professional; it is important to develop a brand for yourself. Part of developing a personal brand is having a unique voice. Your blog is a place where you can talk about trends in your industry, searching for work or anything else that may position you as a person to talk to when job openings present themselves. If you don't like working for one company at a time, your blog could help you land consulting work with companies around the country or even worldwide.

Keep Your Name Clean

Google your name at least once a month to see what comes up. If you appear in any inappropriate photos or videos, they should be deleted immediately. Job seekers who communicate with employers or recruiters on Facebook should set their privacy settings before becoming friends with those professional contacts. In
an online world, it only takes one photo or video to get you fired or disqualified from consideration for a position.

Always Look the Part

Post professional pictures of yourself on social media sites or on your blog. If you are dressed unprofessionally, potential employers may not consider you for a job. In addition, anyone else who reads your blog may not take you seriously. You could be wasting an opportunity to leverage your knowledge and skills to become a highly sought after employee.

There are many strategies that are important to know if you plan to get a new job in 2014. Make sure that you are prepared to network online and understand how the Internet can help or hinder your job search. The best thing to do is to only put out videos and images on social media that make you look
credible and professional.