4 Job Search Resolutions You Absolutely Must Follow in 2013

We are officially into 2013! It’s a new year. This is the time to think about what you can do to better yourself as a person. While New Year’s resolutions are often difficult to keep, the ultimate result of following through are often rewarding.

What resolutions did you make for yourself this year?

If one of your resolutions consists of making a stronger effort to succeed in the job search, then you’re on the right track! As I said before, it’s a new year. Focus on solidifying your job search efforts so that you can achieve success this year! How can you reach your goal? Consider making and sticking to these 4 job search resolutions:

Tap into Social Media

If you’re a frequent visitor of the GetInterviews blog, then you already know how we feel about leveraging social media in your job search. When utilized correctly, social media can do wonders for your job search.

Twitter has tremendous search capability. Not to mention, a lot of recruiters frequent the 140-character based micro-blogging network. Create a profile, search for and follow influential people (hiring managers and recruiters) and let people know you’re looking for a job.

LinkedIn is perhaps the most powerful social platform for finding a job. If you’re not on LinkedIn, first, make a resolution to create a profile right now! Then, make another resolution to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Plenty of organizations are using LinkedIn as a professional platform for recruiting qualified candidates. Make sure your profile is optimized for success.

Spark your job search efforts by attacking the social media spaces in 2013.

Learn/Develop a New Industry Skill

Through the years, industries are evolving with new job responsibilities. You’ll find that employees at some of the World’s biggest organizations are wearing many hats for those companies. The more skills you can add to your self-artillery, the better.

Use the down time to pick up a new skill to not only better yourself, but to also make yourself a bit more marketable. The myth is that to learn a new skill, one most go back to skill. However, there are many alternative, cost-efficient options, to learning a new skill. Whether it be a free online course, or volunteering, there are several ways to develop a new skill without breaking the bank.

Re-Write Your Resume (and Cover Letter)

When was the last time you’ve updated your resume? Are you confident your resume has what it takes to stand out from the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applicants for the same position you’re applying for? Well, it’s a new year! How about freshening up your resume and cover letter?

If you don’t know where to start, I strongly recommend getting a free resume review from GetInterviews. Our resume writing experts are all certified (CPRW) and will provide you with insight on how you can improve your resume.

Start Networking

If you didn’t take our advice regarding networking in 2012, make sure you make a resolution to network like a champion in 2013. If you did take our advice and attended a few networking events in 2012, continue to do so in 2013, but freshen it up a bit.

Networking is a great way to get face-to-face time with influential people in an organization. Went done correctly, networking can play a huge factor in moving your resume from the bottom of the pile, to the top of the pile. Start checking out networking events and become an active member in networking groups. But, remember, an important aspect in making a connection is being an active listener. Talk about your goals, but listen to the person you’re trying to make a strong connection with more.

The time is now! Spark your 2013 job search by following the strategies outlined above. I end with perhaps one of the most famous quotes in history:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the World.” – Ghandi

Here’s to a prosperous 2013!