Why Business Cards are Still Important in Today’s Job Search

While there has been a sharp rise in the number of apps claiming to allow users to make and send “virtual” business cards, there is still a large demand for the small rectangular pieces of paper that have been a staple of business for centuries. Today, business cards are more than a way to give your address and phone number to a business contact or potential client, they’re part of your image. A good business card today is part of a person or company’s advertising message. Many people prefer to think of it more as a flyer than the traditional business card. Cards can and should be personalized to convey the image that you or your business creates. Because of this, many companies or individuals use full-color cards that show images of the company’s or individual’s work.

For example, many people in creative industries have ditched the boring white business card with their contact information stamped onto it in favor of cards that showcase their latest projects. A graphic artist may choose to cover his or her card with examples of their work, essentially creating a mini-portfolio that they can give to anyone who is interested in hiring their services. Unfortunately, some people do not see the value in attaching a business card along with their correspondence. While there are several computer programs that can send contact information to new business contacts, a business card can actually help someone make those contacts. Attaching a business card to bids for work or passing out cards at trade fairs allows a professional to get their most critical information in the hands of people that they otherwise would struggle to meet.

People who are looking for a new job definitely need to create their own business cards. Think carefully about the design of the card. Rather than making a plain card with your contact information, use the card as a way to present yourself as an expert or consultant who is looking for a new client rather than just another job seeker. Some people choose to list their skills or work experience on the back of the card and/or use the design of the card to show their previous work. Think of the business card as a way to highlight how you could benefit the companies you’re applying to, rather than just giving them information about you.

If you are looking for a job, make sure you always have some of these cards in your wallet. While it is definitely awkward to hand out your resume at a backyard barbecue or church function, giving your business card away is a socially acceptable way of making sure the people you meet have a way to contact you. Business cards are also a lot easier to carry and more conversational to give out than a resume, making them a great tool for business meet and greets.