Don’t Lose Sight of the Job Search this Summer!

No denying it now – summer is here! The temperatures are soaring and the kids are out of school for the next few months. Often times, job seekers tend to slightly lose focus on securing employment because of these reasons. However, the summer should neither halt nor negatively impact your job search.

In fact, the summer should only jumpstart your job search! Since most job seekers seem to change attitudes during the summer, use this season to stay ahead of the competition. In the process, don’t forget these things:

Heavy networking

If you’ve read our previous articles, you’ll know that you should always be networking. One thing about the summer is that there are tons of networking events for job seekers to attend. From picnics and barbecues, to galas and other corporate events, there are quite a few events that will help you meet new people. A huge factor in getting the job you want is ‘who you know’, so make sure you make a lasting impression at these events. Effective networking can help your resume get from the bottom of the pile, to the top of the pile, and furthermore, into the hands of a hiring manager.

Always be prepared

Naturally, we tend to take a break in the summer months. Although it’s easier for you us to relax in the summertime, you can benefit by preparing yourself for the job search. Educate yourself on what hiring managers are looking for in candidates. Is your resume as strong as it should be? Are you fully confident that you’ll be able to answer any interview question thrown at you? The truth is, you can never be too prepared for the job search.

If you are uncertain about whether or not your resume is strong enough for the job search, send it to us for a free resume review. You’ll receive expert feedback on how to improve your resume.


Although there is no financial reward, there are other benefits to volunteering. Volunteering helps you stay active and positive, but the greatest benefit of volunteering is that it expands your network. Reap in the emotional rewards while growing your list of influential contacts this summer.

Stay active and positive

As stated before, many job seekers use these summer months to wind down and relax. However, maintaining a good balance between relaxation and activeness is a great way to stay positive. A positive mind is ever-so important when looking for a job. You’ll easily get the unemployment blues if you don’t remain positive. Therefore, make sure you’re doing all you can to stay healthy and active.

Don’t lose focus! Use the summer time to stay ahead of the competition.