5 Questions to Ask during an Interview

You’ve got the interview? Congratulations! You’ve successfully crafted a resume that impressed the employer. However, the hard work isn’t over. You still need to impress in the interview.

Good interviewing can be achieved with proper preparation. You know that you can do the job, but you have to help the hiring manager see that as well.  When it comes time to ask questions about the position, be sure to stay away from questions that don’t signal your intent to improve the company’s state. No matter how well you present yourself, asking selfish (personal gain) questions will immediately deter the hiring manager.

So what questions do you ask in an interview? These questions will help express your ambition, determination and strong interest in the job position:

Is there room for advancement in the company?

The room for advancement question shows that you are not only ambitious, but determined to better yourself (which results in bettering the company). Furthermore, it will show the employer that you’re thinking about your long-term future with the company.

What do you like/dislike about working at this company?

You need to know what makes this company great. Although you should do you research, it’s important to understand why the hiring manager(s) like working there. Asking what the employer likes about the company is a good way for you to acquire a greater sense of what it will be like working for that organization.

How will my success be determined?

How will you know if you are succeeding in the position? Ask the hiring manager in the interview how he/she determines success from an employee in this job position. By asking, you learn more about what you need to do to impress the hiring manager and the employer may also see your true determination in completing the job responsibilities.  

In your opinion, what’s a day in the life of someone in this position?

Asking what the hiring manager believes is the ideal employee not only gives you further insight into what will be expected of you, but it also shows the employer that you’re looking to exceed his/her expectations.

Where are you in the hiring process?

Knowing where they are in the hiring phase will give you a good idea of when you can expect an answer.

By asking these questions, the employer will learn a little more about your desire to achieve success in the position for which you’re applying. It will also help you determine whether or not the position is a good fit for you.