Make Your Resume a Best Seller!

The resume is your best sales tool, so you need to make certain it is doing its job of selling you to the hiring manager! A novel approach is to think of the resume in terms of a best-selling book, where you are the hero of the story. 
First, be sure you are writing to your audience. Reread the job posting and then highlight those strengths and accomplishments that align most closely with the qualifications required for the open position. Review your achievements and emphasize those that exceed the basic qualifications of the job. By doing so, your documents will grab the attention of the hiring manager.
Keep the attention of the reader by engaging him or her in your work history. Provide a context for your accomplishments by telling a story that includes information about the company, your typical duties, and finally, your outstanding achievements. To spice it up a bit, you might want to include a few challenges that you overcame. Engage the hiring manager in your story so that he or she is interested – and amazed – by your accomplishments. Remember that you are the hero of this best seller!  
Write a resume that has the reader on the edge of his or her seat while reading your work history. You want the reader to be so excited about you that the anticipation helps build enthusiasm about your potential in the company.
She sold how much above quota?! 
No, he couldn’t have introduced a new product to market that quickly! 
She had that branch office up and running how fast?
These are the kinds of reactions you want from the hiring manager. Keep the reader amazed, and he or she will be reaching out to contact you even before finishing reading your documents.
In addition to highlighting your accomplishments, you need to be certain that your choice of words is also compelling. Using active language draws the reader into the story of your work history. Avoid using passive language, such as “responsible for,” to gain the greatest impact.
Try to imagine yourself in the culture of the organization. What kind of feeling do you get from reading their company description or the job posting? Is this a fun-loving culture? A creative culture? Does the company have a nuts-and-bolts practicality? Be certain that your documents reflect that kind of tone as well. Beyond engaging the reader in your story, you want them to be able to see you in the open position, just down the hall where they can easily reach you and strategize with you.
Write a resume that reads like a best seller, and you’ll be getting rave reviews. Who knows, you may even find yourself in the midst of a “bidding war” for the rights to employ you!